Black Diamond Piranha

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Other common names: Gold Piranha; Golden Piranha; Black Diamond Gold Piranha; Red-Throated Piranha; Speckled Piranha; Black-Banded Piranha

Scientific name: Serrasalmus spilopleura

The basics:
Breeding is by spawning. Eggs are laid on roots of plants, which hatch just days later. The fry become free-swimming a week later.

Black Diamond Piranhas have a unique body and eye color. The body is covered with shimmering dark silvery golden scales giving it a silver speckled look. Their eyes are ominous looking due to their black and flame red coloration.

8-12 inches

The Black Diamond Piranha is famous for being aggressive and dangerous like any other Piranha. This species is said to be an untiring fin nipper. They linger around prey disinterestedly and approach them with out alarm. Then, they suddenly dash to attack the tails and fins of their prey.

The ideal tank for this species is 50 gallons or more. The Black Diamond Piranha is usually kept solitary. The tank has to be provided with plenty of plants for breeding and caves for hiding. Heavy duty filtration is a necessity.

72.00-77.00 °F


35.700-142.800 mg/L

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