Bengal Loach

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Other common names: Queen Loach; Geto Loach

Scientific name: Botia dario

The basics:

The Bengal Loach has a beautiful golden base color with vertical black stripes along the length of its body and extending onto its tail. As the fish matures, the stripes widen and their number also increases; the overall coloration fades or becomes slightly dull.

5-6 inches

This Loach is very entertaining and energetic as a pet. Bengals are social loaches and frequent jostling and nipping is observed in the tank. They spend most of the time gravel grazing. They snap at food like dogs. Hierarchy is established in the tank. They perform the characteristic “Loach Dance,” usually at night, during which they form large loops against the aquarium glass. They do well in a community tank with less aggressive species.

These fish are bottom grazers; therefore, a fine-grained sand substrate is required. A 20-gallon planted aquarium is suitable for this species. Optimum water conditions are required with 40% water changes. They are shy of bright light and require lots of plants and caves for hiding.

75.00-82.00 °F


100.000-225.000 mg/L

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