Banded Archerfish

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Other common names: Archer Fish; Archerfish; Spinner Fish

Scientific name: Toxotes jaculatrix

The basics:
The Banded Archerfish is an intriguing fish which inhabits brackish mangrove swamps and streams in parts of Asia and Oceania. It is most notable for its feeding behavior, in which it projects a stream of water from its mouth to knock down insects which are perched above the water. Toxotes jaculatrix is considered to be a challenging aquarium fish as it needs to live in brackish water, and prefers live insects for food.

The Banded Archerfish has a triangular-shaped silver body, with large eyes, and brown spots on its sides. The dorsal and anal fins have black and yellow markings and are swept back.

Grows to be quite large (up to 12 inches)

This is considered to be a peaceful species that swim in the middle and top areas of the tank.

The Banded Archer requires a tank capacity of at least 100 gallons. These fish are active jumpers and need a tight-fitting cover to prevent them from accidentally jumping out of the tank. Ample plants, which do not protrude over the surface of the water, are suitable. Adequate swimming room at the top of the tank is required. The substrate is usually gravel. Housing these fish with larger or more boisterous fish that will intimidate them is best avoided. They should also not be tank-mates with other species of Archers.

68.00-82.00 °F


64.280-135.710 mg/L


Intelligence, entertaining fish, Archerfish spit water, true predators, trademark hunting skills


12 inches, fish cost, brackish tank setup, big enough tank, live foods


keen eyesight, schooling behavior, jet stream, brackish species

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