Bamboo Shrimp

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Other common names: Singapore Flower Shrimp; Flower Shrimp; Asian Fan Shrimp;Singapore Shrimp; Wood Shrimp

Scientific name: Atyopsis moluccensis

The basics:
The Bamboo Shrimp is a filter-feeding freshwater shrimp which is native to heavily vegetated ponds in Southeast Asia. Bamboo Shrimp are popular additions to freshwater tanks, and all specimens for the aquarium trade are wild caught. Atyopsis moluccensis is peaceful and clawless, and should not be kept with large Cichlids or aggressive fish as it may become prey.

Atyopsis moluccensis is extremely variable in its coloration, but most specimens are a brownish base color with a lighter stripe down their back. Some specimens have reddish, greenish, or yellow base colors with or without a distinct dorsal stripe

0-3 inches

They are absolutely harmless to all tropical fish, because they have fans in place of claws.

They are filter feeders which collect microorganisms resulting from the waste produced by other inhabitants of the aquarium. Bamboo shrimp require a water current to filter feed, so they can only be recommended for tanks with aquarium filters in them. These shrimp usually climb objects to reach filter outlets, where they find the strongest water flow. When planning to keep bamboo shrimp, rocks and/or tall-growing plants should be positioned close to the tank's filter outlet to help them feed.

68.00-85.00 °F



peaceful, Attractive filter feeder, fanlike arms, community tropical aquarium


general inactivity, short life span, large predator fish


hiding place, food debris, quarantine tank, pale pink, feeding filters

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