Bala Shark

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Other common names: Silver Shark; Tricolor Shark; Shark Minnow

Scientific name: Balanteocheilus melanopterus

The basics:
The Bala Shark is a member of the Cyprinidae family of fish, which includes minnows, and is not a true shark. It is native to river basins in southeast Asia and feeds on small crustaceans, insects and phytoplankton.The Bala Shark is a popular community tank fish because of its appealing look and ability to tolerate a wide range of tank conditions.

Balas can spook easily and jump out of the tank so they need a good lid. Their large size make them a challenge to keep in tanks under 75 gallons.

They are easy to feed accepting flake foods and pellets.

It has a silver-colored torpedo-shaped body with large fins that have black margins.

14 inches

Bala Sharks are semi-aggressive. They will nip at the fins of fish with long tails and tend to be too active for shy fish. Balas will eat smaller fish if they will fit in thier mouths which isn't an issue when they're small but becomes one when they are a full 14". Bala Sharks will school if they are in a large enough tank but do fine alone too.

Bala Sharks are active, fast-swimming schooling fish, which means they require large tanks with adequate swimming space. A minimum of 55 gallons is recommended for one and 100 gallons for a school. Because they are easily freaked out and tend to jump out of the water, the tank should be well planted, preferably with floating plants and equipped with a tight-fitting lid. The ideal tank conditions include a steady current with excellent filtration.

75 - 82 °F

6.5 - 7.0

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