Asian Arowana

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Species group:

Other common names: Dragon Fish; Asian Bony-tongue

Scientific name: Scleropagus formosus

The basics:

Asian Arowanas have long bodies and elongated, large pectoral fins. The dorsal and anal fins are found at the far back of the body. It has a sloping mouth with a wide gape. The lower jaw stands out with two barbels at the tip. The fish has stout gill rakers. Teeth are seen on many bones of the mouth including the jaws and tongue. The scales are large and cycloid. Sometimes they are metallic in color with a beautiful mosaic pattern of raised ribs. These fish are generally green or red in color. A number of color mutations exist such as silver, purple, blue, gold, red, and green. The red variety is very popular and so is the 'crossback' variation.

24-36 inches

Asian Arowanas can display aggression to other species at times. They are best housed alone. Smaller fish should be strictly avoided as they will be swallowed by the Arowana. Similar size fish may serve as tank mates but this would call for an extremely large tank.

A large spacious tank with ample swimming space is required for housing this fish. A capacity of a minimum of 150 gallons is advisable. The tank is not disturbed. Good lighting is very important for these fish. One of its uses is that it helps brighten the coloration. However, the aquarium is not placed in direct sunlight as this can affect the fish and cause algae problems. The light level may be raised slowly. Since these fish are carnivores, a lot of waste material can collect in the tank. A good biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration system is required to tackle this. Water should be changed regularly.

75.00-86.00 °F


57.000-60.000 mg/L


entertaining, amazing fish, pond, spectacular fish, experienced fish keepers


excellent jumpers, excellent filtration, large fish tank, aggressive fish


unusually large mouths, considerabley rare, highest prized freshwater

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