Apple Snail

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Other common names: Golden Apple Snail; Spiketop Applesnail; Mystery Snail; Spike-topped Apple Snail

Scientific name: Pomacea bridgesii

The basics:
The Apple Snail is native to slow-moving waterways in the Amazon River system in Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Peru. They have also been introduced to other locations such as Southeast Asia, Hawaii and Florida.The Apple Snail is the most commonly found freshwater snail.

Apple snails are good for community tanks because they feed on decaying plant matter and algae which helps keep the tank clean. The only downside is they will eat live plants too.

The Apple Snail is available in a variety of colors including yellow, brown, and blue. They have a rounded shell and are one of the larger freshwater aquarium snails getting up to 3 inches full grown, they are usually sold as juveniles between half an inch and one inch.

3 inches

Apple snails are very peaceful and don't pose a threat to any tank inhabitants, except for plants which they will devour. They tend to be the target of aggressive fish which nip at their eyes and proboscis. Good tank mates include community fish like tetras, Cory cats, and live bearers.

Full grown apple snails need at least 5 gallons each. They are sensitive to water conditions and temperatures. Good filtration and water changes are a must and monitoring the temperature to make sure it doesn't go over 80 degrees is important.

75 - 80 °F


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