American Eel

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Other common names: Pencil Eel; Yellow Eel; Black Eel; Silver Eel; Boston Eel; Atlantic Eel; Common Eel

Scientific name: Anguilla rostrata

The basics:
The American Eel is native to rivers and estuaries on the east coast of North America, from the Gulf of Mexico north to Canada. It is nocturnal, and feeds on crustaceans and aquatic insects. They live in freshwater habitats except when they enter the Atlantic Ocean for their spawning migration to the Sargasso Sea. American Eels have traditionally been an important fishery species

Like other eels, Anguilla rostrata has a snake-like body which can reach 1.2 meters (4 feet) in length and weigh 7.5 kg (16.5 pounds). The adult color is a yellow-brown with pale underbelly.

0-48 inches

They will feed on smaller tank inhabitants.

Although not widely kept in home aquariums, the American Eel is hardy and long-lived, and makes a good aquarium inhabitant if given a large and secure tank, 55 gallon minimum. Eels are famous escape artists, and need to be housed in a tank that has a very secure cover.

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