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Other name(s): Hungarian Puli; Pulik; Hungarian Water Dog

The basics:
The Puli is an ancient herding and livestock guardian breed from Hungary notable for its tightly curled, corded coat, a trait it shares with the larger Komondor. Like the other herding dogs, this breed is highly intelligent, willing to learn, and able to make decisions-- traits that has made it successful as a police dog as well as a competitor in obedience trials. This is an active, somewhat bouncy breed for the involved owner willing to give the dog something interesting to do.

Traditionally, lighter colored Puli were used to guard the sheep, and darker types were used as herders and drovers. Today, most have a black coat.

Appearance / health:
The Puli resembles the Tibetan Terrier in many ways. They are shaggy-looking medium sized dog with a coat hanging in long felt strips. The head is medium in size with dark brown almond-shaped eyes. The medium size ears hang down. The tail curls closely over the back.

Pulik do shed. The unusual long corded coat of the Puli needs extensive grooming. The cords need to be separated every few weeks. During bathing, the cords need to be rinsed properly and the felt could take almost two days to dry. Eyes, ears, pads, and nails need periodic care.

Pulik are full of energy and need lot of exercise. They love to be taken out for a walk or for hiking or tracking. They also make good jogging companions.

Hip dysplasia, (a hereditary disease that may eventually cause crippling lameness and arthritis of joints) is an ailment found commonly in Pulik. They are also prone to eye and hearing problems.

Behavior / temperament:
Pulik are versatile working dogs. They have a strong sense of responsibility and make excellent watchdogs. They are very energetic and require a lot of physical activity. They are aggressive toward animals and have a strong chasing instinct.

Puliks are very intelligent and easy to train. However, they have an independent mind and could turn stubborn sometimes. Training needs to be firm, consistent, and patient.

Pulik are excessive barkers with a loud and high-pitched bark.


dreadlocks, unique appearance, goodnatured creatures, Good guard dog, strong bonds


strangers, big dread, cords


domeshaped skiull, farm Puli, nimble Hungarian shepherd, ancient hungarian herdingbreed

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