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Other name(s): Royal Bahamian Potcake; Island Dog

The basics:
The Potcake Dog is an indigenous mixed breed found in the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands, and it shares some of the other characteristics of pariah or feral dogs found worldwide, including a desire for a kind but consistent alpha.The unusual name comes from the fact that people in the Bahamas often fed potcake-- the thick mush left in the bottom of a pot of peas and rice after several reheatings-- to these dogs.

According to the Royal Potcake Rescue USA, "Although officially considered mixed breed dogs, the Royal Bahamian Potcake is now a recognized breed in The Bahamas. They have distinct characteristics of size and temperament. This is because, until very recently, all island dogs shared the same isolated gene pool."

You will need to be an owner who knows how to use positive reinforcement to create trust and loyalty. 

Appearance / health:
According to the Royal Potcake Rescue USA, "As a general rule of thumb, Potcakes have smooth, short fur with little or no undercoat, cocked ears, a hound-like rib cage and long terrier-shaped faces. More rare are shaggy or rough coat Potcakes but they do occur naturally. While the "typical" Potcake is brown, colors range from parti to black, white, cream, yellow and red. Adults stand about 24 inches high at the shoulder. Normal adult weight in the bush is about 35 pounds. Healthy, homed Potcakes can weigh anywhere from 45-55 pounds, depending on bone structure."

Behavior / temperament:
It is presumed that these island dogs have a lot of Terrier in the mix, thanks to the ratting breeds popular on old-time ships used to control vermin. The Potcake Dog needs guidance and kind, consistent socialization that includes positive rewards and lots of fun and attention. Otherwise, they could become destructive.


lap dog, Fabulous Potcake Dog, inquisitive dogs


pack leader, trust issues, medical ailments, poor husbandry parasites


real training, local animal control, Caicos Islands, numerous Caribbean islands

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Potcake Dog

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