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Species group:

Other name(s): Kees; Keeshonden; Dutch Barge Dog; Smiling Dutchman; Chien Loup; German Spitz; Deutscher Wolfsspitz

The basics:
The Keeshond looks like it was born to be cuddled, but this adorable Spitz-type dog is more than just a powder puff. For centuries, the so-called Dutch Barge Dog was employed as a watchdog on riverboats, farms, and barges, and they still have something of a tendency to bark. However, they are not a ferocious animal. In fact, the bark is often more of a greeting than a threat. And they are extremely well-regarded for their gentleness with children and their desire to involve themselves in family life. Don't toss them in a backyard and expect them to be happy. They want to be part of things with their people.

Some individuals can be sensitive or even timid. Socialize them early and with lots of love, praise, and food rewards.

Appearance / health:
The Keeshond is a medium-sized, square dog with a fox-like appearance. The dark brown, almond-shaped eyes are of medium size. The triangular ears are small, mounted on high, and carried erect. Unique markings and shadings surround the eyes giving the impression of intelligence and alertness. The wedge-shaped head exhibits a definite stop. The neck is covered with a mane. The tail is moderately long and well feathered.

Regular weekly brushing is necessary to keep the coat in good shape. Keeshonden are average shedders though they shed heavily twice a year.

They do not require too much exercise though a daily walk is necessary to keep them healthy and happy.

Hip dysplasia (abnormal hip formation that can cause lameness) is common in Keeshonden. Luxating patella, or dislocation of the kneecaps, may occur in some dogs. Some dogs may develop thyroid and eye problems.

Behavior / temperament:
Keeshonden love to be with their owners. They love to greet people they know by displaying an expression that may appear to be grinning. When left alone for too long, some Keeshonden may indulge in destructive behavior such as excessive barking, digging, chewing, or escaping. Some Keeshonden love snow. They express themselves through "talking", and tend to bark often. They rarely bite.

Training a Keeshond may be a challenge. Patient, firm, and kind training along with early socialization are necessary for this otherwise intelligent breed.

Some Keeshonden bark a lot.


intelligent, happy dogs, ideal family pet, Kees beautiful coat, wonderful temperment


barking, warm climates, High Maintenance, grooming, recreational barkers


good vacuum, excellent watch dogs, Wonderful Family Addition, people especially children

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