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Other name(s): Kangal köpegi; Sivas Kangal Dog; Karabash Black Face

The basics:
The national dog of Turkey, the Kangal Dog is a powerful guardian breed originally developed to protect livestock from dangerous predators like wolves and bears. The same power, courage, and intelligence has made them useful as military and guard dogs. They are a working breed and are not happy left idle with no purpose, no training, and nothing to do. Because of their power, they're a poor match for fragile, unconfident, or inexperienced owners.

Like other powerful guardian dogs, they don't belong in the hands of irresponsible owners who abuse them to make them dangerously aggressive. The Kangal Dog Club of America is on record as stating that owners who train their animals for dogfighting are a threat to the breed. Know your breeder to be confident you're getting a dog with an unspoiled temperament.

The Kennel Club (UK) recognizes the breed, but many registries (including the AKC) do not. Also, breeders still face significant export restrictions on taking this breed out of Turkey. For most owners, these details probably don't much matter. But if you are a highly advanced breeder, you may feel like you face some additional obstacles to reaching the top of the fancy with the Kangal Dog.

Appearance / health:
The Kangal Dog is a large and powerful dog, whose proportions developed to support its work as a guardian against predators. Its head is large and moderately wide. The ideal Kangal Dog is slightly longer than tall. The length of the front leg slightly exceeds half the dog's height. The tail is curled.

The Kangal Dog breed requires little grooming. The coat needs to be brushed out during the shedding season, occuring twice a year, during which the breed sheds heavily.

This breed needs a good amount of exercise. They do best when allowed to exercise off the leash. Exercise helps develop its muscles and youthful energy.

There are few health issues in this breed. Hip dysplasia, a hereditary disease that causes a malformation of the hip joints, is sometimes reported. Although genetic defects are rare, an odd defect found in a few Kangal Dogs is a condition known as persistent frenulum. The frenulum is the thin web of skin that holds the tongue to the floor of the mouth. In affected dogs, this is extended further in the mouth than normal, making the tongue less mobile and the dog a sloppy eater.

Behavior / temperament:
The Kangal Dog is a guardian of livestock. It is instinctively defensive of domestic flock animals and its human family. It easily commands the strength and courage to intercept and confront threats from predators whom it effectively intimidates or attacks. The Kangal Dog is alert to everything around. Dogs of this breed sound an alarm at unusual sounds and sights, and then follow this up with an investigation.

Kangal Dogs require basic obedience training. They enjoy working with their owners. Obedience training establishes the relationship of the owner as a pack leader and dog as pack member. Firm training and patient discipline are necessary to control this dog. The Kangal Dog tends first to look to its master for guidance, but is capable of reacting independently when necessary.

These dogs usually bark in response to something unusual around their territory. It has a deep bark, mainly used to deter predators.


solitary life, livestock guardian dogs, herd protection, wonderful companion dogs, protective urges


primitive breed, thorough socialisation, independent decision making


Sivas Kangal Köpegi, distinct regional identities, Bobcat hunting, good eyesight

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