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Other name(s): Pyrs; Pyrenean Mountain Dog; Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées; Chien des Pyrénées; Montañés del Pirine

The basics:
The Great Pyrenees is a huge bear of a dog with a protective spirit that projects an aura of calm and great dignity. This ancient breed's origins may go back thousands of years, where it has been lost in the mists of time, but its ancestors may have arrived in Europe as early as 1800 BC. They have worked as guardians of the flock in the mountain ranges of southwestern Europe for many centuries. Despite their size, they are well-regarded family dogs who are gentle and concerned with protecting human children with the same concern they brought to defending sheep.

With its thick double coat and calm temperament, the so-called Pyrenees Mountain Dog is a watcher that enjoys long walks, not a heavily athletic animal ready for a jog. While not huge puzzle solvers like some of the other herding dogs, they do have the ability to draw their own conclusions. The right owners will be calm, confident, and capable of establishing themselves as the alpha, rather than allowing the dog to decide who is and who isn't a part of the flock. Make them feel important with a small job like carrying a backpack.

Appearance / health:
The Great Pyrenees is a large white dog with great strength. The wedge-shaped head has a slightly rounded crown. The almond-shaped eyes are medium sized and dark brown in color. The ears are V-shaped with rounded tips. The muzzle is equal in length to the back skull. The cheeks are flat and a slight furrow exists between the eyes. The neck is muscled and of medium length. The chest is moderately broad. The well-plumed tail is carried low in repose.

They are average shedders. Regular brushing and combing is necessary to remove the dead hair and to keep the coat healthy.

They require moderate amounts of exercise. Long walks and short sprints are good ways of keeping the dog healthy.

Great Pyrenees dogs are prone to bloat, a fatal condition characterized by gas in the intestine. Cancer is another serious issue reported in Pyrs. Eye problems, allergies, and thyroid problems occur in many dogs.

Behavior / temperament:
Great Pyrenees dogs may be lying down with eyes closed or may appear distracted but they are extremely vigilant and protective of their family and property. They have a mind of their own and may not respond to their master's commands all the time. The Great Pyrenees dog is territorial and protective by nature, which may need to be controlled in an urban setting. They do not have any chasing or retrieving instincts unlike many other breeds. When kept alone for long periods, they may get bored and indulge in destructive behavior such as excessive barking.

Early training and socialization will help Pyrs to adjust well to their surroundings. Obedience training is necessary for these strong-willed dogs. Pyrenees are quick learners but they get bored easily. Short, training sessions without unnecessary repetition may be effective to train them. The trainer needs to be firm and consistent, but never harsh, while training them.

They bark often. Bored and poorly trained dogs are likely to bark incessantly for no reason.


fierce guardians, beloved family pet, LGD Livestock Guardian, firm owner, sweetest thing, intellegent dogs


beautiful coat sheds, dog aggressive tendancies, inherently dominant nature, hot climates, night barking


human neighbors, time cat lovers, natural mothering ability, double coated, extreme working breed

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Great Pyrenees

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