Deutscher Wachtelhund

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Species group:

Other name(s): German Spaniel

The basics:
"Deutscher Wachtelhund" means "German Quail Dog," a name which gives you the general idea of why this breed was developed starting in the 1890s. Little known outside its native Germany, this fine spaniel is a versatile hunter able to track, flush, and retrieve upland gamebirds even in harsh terrain. Although it isn't kept as a pet, it seems to be eager to please its human hunting partner.

Appearance / health:
A medium sized breed, the Deutscher Wachtelhund has a thick coat of long and wavy hair. It’s thickly built with strong bones and muscles, giving it the strength to retrieve larger game like foxes. Wachtelhunds can have high set ears, or more typical spaniel ears that hang low. The dog is roughly twice as long as it is tall. The breed has medium-sized oval shaped eyes that are set rather far apart. The eyes are typically brown to hazel.

The Deutscher Wachtelhund needs regular brushing, and the ears need to be checked and cleaned frequently. It’s also recommended that the hair between the dogs toes is trimmed with relative frequency.

A medium-to-high amount of exercise is needed with this breed. They are happiest when given the chance to explore the outdoors.

The Deutscher Wachtelhund is typically quite healthy. However, some within the breed suffer from hip dysplasia, crooked legs, splayed feet and skin conditions. Some Wachtelhunds have also been known to have allergies.

Behavior / temperament:
With a vivacious personality, this dog is a great companion and an equally good hunter. This breed tends to not bark much except for when they are hunting, and then only when needed to communicate.

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