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Other name(s): Dansk - Svensk Gardshund, DSF

The basics:
The Danish-Swedish Farmdog was developed on Scandinavian farms to hunt rats, mice, and other rodents. Unlike the terriers developed to perform much the same task, this once little-known breed is considered an easy-going farm and family companion, and it is slowly gaining worldwide fans.

In 2011 the American Kennel Club (AKC) began to register this breed in its Foundation Stock Service, a first step on the path to full recognition in the US.

Appearance / health:
The Dansk-svensk gårdshund is a small and compact dog with a well-proportioned square-built body. The head is triangular and slightly small with a moderately long muzzle. The skull is rather wide and slightly rounded. The eyes are dark, round, and large. Lighter eyes are seen in dogs with yellow or chocolate patches. The ears are triangular, set high and hang mid-way. The breed may have a normal, narrow, moderately long tail or a naturally bobtail that is held high in a curl when the dog is alert.

The Danish-Swedish Farmdog sheds seasonally and a little all the year round. Weekly brushing is helpful. Bathing may be done whenever required. The nails must be clipped regularly.

The Danish-Swedish Farmdog is very active and always likes to be engrossed in work and play. Therefore, it requires regular sessions of exercising or playing. The breed is suitable for owners that have the time for one hour of vigorous exercise every day.

The Danish-Swedish Farmdog is generally a very healthy breed and is not prone to any major diseases.

Behavior / temperament:
Danish-Swedish Farmdogs like to dig. Their herding and hunting instincts are strong, as seen from their ability to hunt rodents such as mice. Owners need to find ways to keep these lively dogs busy else, they may find their own ways of entertaining themselves.

The Danish-Swedish Farmdog is quick to learn and is easy to train. It responds best to obedience and firm training using positive reinforcement techniques. The trainer needs to be dominant, otherwise; the Farmdog may tend to do as it pleases.

The breed is generally not noisy, but bark only when necessary.


social dogs, great watch dog, great family dog, livestock herder, small rodents


chasing small animals


little ratcatcher, short sleek coat, smaller breeds

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