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The basics:
RightPet does not advocate the intentional cross-breeding of purebred dogs. But the reality is that most dogs available for adoption at shelters and rescues are mixed breeds. We think it might be helpful to hear from owners of these mixes to see what traits can be found in these dogs who are desperately needing homes.

There's something endearing about the spunky, entertaining Dachshund. Although this German breed comes in a variety of sizes and coat textures, they're all recognizable as classic long-bodied, short-legged "weiner dogs." They do have the core personality of their hunting hound heritage-- loyal to their family, always willing to play, with a tendency to chase and perhaps to dig. As a result, they're a highly regarded family pet that adapts well into many households. All mixed-breed dogs are individuals, but if your dog is mostly Dachshund, you can take a look at that breed for some clues about how your pet will turn out.

Appearance / health:
You'll recognize a Dachshund mix by its long, low-slung "weiner" shape. In theory, the mixes may be less prone to some of the genetic issues impacting inbred lines of pure Dachshunds.

Behavior / temperament:
If your mixed dog is mostly Dachshund, it may be a little willful and take a bit longer to train.

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