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Other name(s): CsV; Czechoslovakian Wolfdog; Ceskoslovenský vlciak; Ceskoslovenský vlcák

The basics:
Though several breeds claim wolf ancestry, the Czechoslovakian Vlcak is one of the few that can actually prove its wild heritage.The breed resulted from a unique experiment beginning in 1955 in the former Czechoslovakia to prove that offspring could be produced from a male dog and a female wolf as well as from a male wolf and a female dog. Since the purpose was to create a working animal, the experiment used German Shepherd Dogs and Carpathian wolves. By 1982, the Czechoslovakian Vlcak was recognized as a breed in Czechoslovakia, where it was first established as a military dog. It has also served in search and rescue and can be trained to serve many other purposes.

Like other Wolfdogs, the breed can be considered controversial in some quarters. Be sure you are allowed to own Wolfdogs in your area before you obtain the animal. This working dog benefits from having something useful to do, and a bored Czechoslovakian Vlcak could represent a problem.

Appearance / health:
Czechoslovakian Vlcaks have a characteristic wolf-like appearance. The eyes are small and slanting with close fitting eyelids. The head is shaped like a blunt wedge. The ears are pricked, thin, triangular, and short. The body is muscular and strong. The tail is set on high and carried low. When excited, the raised tail appears sickle-shaped.

Czechoslovakian Vlcaks shed heavily twice a year. Their coats are weather-resistant and do not require elaborate bathing or shampooing.

They require moderate to high amounts of exercise. Walks, jogs, and treks are possible ways of providing physical exertion to these dogs.

No serious health issues have been found in Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs.

Behavior / temperament:
The Czechoslovakian Vlcak is hardy and strong, capable of running for long distances at a good speed. They follow the pack mentality treating their human families as a pack and their owners as the "alpha" of the pack. Pack behavior in a stable environment provides them with a sense of belonging. Breeding with wolves has resulted in robust dogs with wonderful senses and strong instincts. Their hunting instincts are strong. They need human love and affection and cannot be left alone in the kennel. They do not express themselves the same way dogs do. Czechoslovakian Vlcaks are not for the inexperienced owner or the owner who has little time to train and spend time with them.

Puppies may tend to chew a lot.

Their learning rate is average. Training them is difficult and slow and they require an experienced trainer that knows how to motivate these dogs. Training must be patient, firm, and consistent. Once trained, they excel in anything they do. Early socialization and obedience training is necessary for these dogs to adjust well in society.

They are not very noisy. They hardly bark but some puppies and dogs may tend to howl a lot.


playfulness, steady temperament, high play drive, intelligent dog


leader pack


wolflike breeds, UK KC recognition, word 'walkies'.

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