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Species group:

Other name(s): Kritikos Ichnilatis

The basics:
Known from the island of Crete in Greece for at least 3,500 years, the Cretan Hound could be one of the oldest dog breeds in Europe as well as a multi-purpose hunting hound that can't resist the chase. Reflecting its primitive ancestry, it displays a mix of scent and sighthound traits. Highly prized on their native island, they are rarely displayed outside of Greece.

Appearance / health:
The Cretan Hound is a slender, long-legged, muscular and strong dog. The head is wedge-shaped with a pointed muzzle and a pair of pricked ears that fold backwards on a chase. The eyes are medium-sized and obliquely set. The dog is slightly longer than it is tall, featuring a unique tail that is long and curved upwards.

The breed is an average shedder. It requires regular brushing with a firm bristle brush and an occasional dry shampooing. An occasional bath may also be necessary.

They require regular exercise. Dogs provided with a large yard get some exercise from running around and playing with other dogs. In addition, owners may take their dogs for long walks, jogs, and short sprints.

The Cretan Hound is generally a very healthy breed.

Behavior / temperament:
The Cretan Hound hunts by both sight and scent. During a chase or a hunt, it is persistent, brave, tireless, and fast. Otherwise, they are meek and affectionate. With strangers, it is somewhat reserved. The breed has very strong smelling instincts enabling it to sniff out preys.

They have a strong prey drive, and should not be left off leash in a public place.

The Cretan Hound can be trained easily though the trainer requires patience, dedication, and consistency. Dogs of this breed are intelligent, curious, and attentive.

The Cretan Hound does not bark much.

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