Cimarron Uruguayo

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Species group:

Other name(s): Cimarrón Uruguayo; Perro Cimarron, Uraguayan Wild Dog

The basics:
Uruguay's only native dog breed, the Cimarron Uruguayo became a national symbol because of its feral origins, its courageous spirit, and its loyalty to its own. At some point, the original cattle herding and guardian mastiffs brought by the European colonists went semi-wild, allowing the breed to develop more or less on its own for years. With mastiff in its background, these feral dogs were probably pre-destined to be protective, tough, and independent-minded, and the gauchos found them to be invaluable members of any cattle ranch. Their courage also attracted the attention of the local generals. The legend goes that when fighting for independence from Spain, an early freedom fighter informed his general that he would never quit: "When I run out of soldiers, I will fight with the Cimarron dogs."

While you might not encounter the Cimarron outside of Uruguay, you should approach it with the same respect you would use for any other large guardian breed. Be a calm, consistent alpha who can socialize and manage a large powerful breed. Not recommended to novice or nervous dog owners.

Appearance / health:
The Perro Cimarron is a muscular dog with a short muzzle and moderate stop.

Behavior / temperament:
As with any powerful dog capable of independent thought, the Cimarron requires a responsible owner who knows how to train and socialize a protector breed.

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