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The basics:
Chippiparais are rare sighthounds from Southern India thought to be developed from the Saluki for the hunting of large game like wild boar and deer. While it was once a favorite of kings, the breed currently appears to be at risk of vanishing, at least outside of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. In addition to being fleet-footed hunting hounds, they currently serve as family watch dogs for many people in that state.

Appearance / health:
The head is domed, fine, and long. The ears are small, semi erect, often resembling a rose petal. The ears are dark and very alert. The slim jaws are deceptively weak looking. The bony tail is carried below the body. The legs are straight and very long and bony. The chest is very deep and carries lots of lung and heart space. The belly is similar to other greyhounds, giving the dog a sleek appearance.

They are easy to groom and do not shed much due to their short coat length. Bathing and shampooing is done when required.

They do need lots of exercise as they were and are a breed meant to hunt. An hour of exercise is sufficient with plenty of running and jogging. Exercise keeps the dog happy and healthy. A tired dog is also less likely to be destructive.

Not much is known about the health issues in Chippiparais. They are generally healthy. It is possible that inbreeding of these dogs will result in genetic disorders. Some dogs may suffer from hip dysplasia, a condition marked by abnormal hip formation that causes lameness.

Behavior / temperament:
The Chippiparai is a one-man dog, which does not like to be petted fed or handled by anyone other than its master or handler. They love to hunt. Extremely swift, they can overtake most game with ease, almost appearing as if they are flying. They can be trained to be good guard dogs.

They are fast learners. Early training and socialization is extremely important. Socialization with different people and situations will reduce any aggressive tendencies.

They are not very noisy.

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