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The basics:
There's a ton of controversy surrounding the so-called Chinese Imperial Dog. Without taking sides, we'll summarize the two basic opposing views. Some people say this little cutie is the same breed developed by Chinese royalty as far back as 700 AD to serve as foot warmer to the Emperor. Others say that this is a miniature Shih Tzu mix developed starting in the 1960s in an effort to create a "tea cup" Shih Tzu-- an effort opposed by many Shih Tzu breeders and organizations, who would like to retain that breed's traditional size. Either way, the dog is in many ways something like a small Shih Tzu, and it can make a fine portable pet for people who like to take their little dogs wherever they go.

Appearance / health:
The Chinese Imperial dog is a small, furry, and compact dog with big round innocent-looking eyes, a small head and a short wide muzzle. It has a sturdy, proportionate body with a short strong neck.

The ears are well covered with dense coat and normally droopy. Sporting a rich plume, the tail is set high, and covered with dense coat and normally carried in a sickle like curve over the back. The legs are strong, hairy and straight. Overall, the breed has a cute and attractive appearance, and is very portable.

The Chinese Imperial Dog sheds little to no hair and does not require a great deal of grooming. A monthly trimming and an occasional bathing helps keep the coat clean and healthy.

The exercise requirements of a Chinese Imperial Dog are low compared to many larger breeds. However, regular short walks and play sessions will keep the dog mentally engaged and physically fit.

The Chinese Imperial dog is generally a very healthy breed. However, it may occasionally be prone to hypoglycemia (a health condition in which the blood sugar level goes abnormally low).

Behavior / temperament:
Chinese Imperial Dogs enjoy being in human company and can spend hours on the lap of family members. They are playful dogs that love to please their owners. They should not be left alone and lonely for long hours of the day. Fortunately, their size makes it easy to bring them along when you're on the go.

With an eager-to-please nature, Chinese Imperial Dogs are easy to train. Early obedience training and socialization is necessary for these dogs.

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