Carpathian Shepherd Dog

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Species group:

Other name(s): Ciobanesc Românesc Carpatin; Romanian Carpathian Shepherd; Câine Ciobanesc Carpatin;

The basics:
For centuries, the Carpathian Shepherd Dog was the hardy companions of Romanian shepherds, bred to protect the herd from predators and thieves, rather than for its looks. Little known elsewhere, it wasn't recognized as a breed by the FCI (Federation Cynalogique Internationale) until 2005. Like other proud, independent guardian breeds, the Carpathian Shepherd Dog requires an experienced alpha who knows how to train, socialize, and manage a powerful dog with a mind of its own.

Appearance / health:
Carpathian Shepherd Dogs appear large though not heavy. The skull is slightly domed. The broad forehead is slightly curved. The wide, well developed nose is black. The muzzle tapers toward the nose but is not pointed. The moderate-sized eyes are dark brown to hazel in color. The V-shaped ears are set on high with the tip slightly rounded. The body is well developed. The tail is set on high, and is hangs when the dog is relaxed. When the dog is alert, the tail may be carried higher and appears slightly curved.

Brushing is done occasionally to remove any dead hair. Bathing and shampooing is done when necessary.

They require moderate amounts of exercise every day. Long walks and short jogs keep them healthy and happy.

No known health issues have been observed in Carpathians, as they are a natural breed. Allergies may occur in some dogs. Hip dysplasia, a condition marked by abnormal hips, is possible and may cause lameness in some dogs.

Behavior / temperament:
Carpathian Sheepdogs are courageous and efficient fighters who do not hesitate to protect the herd from bear, wolf, and lynx. Because of their herding instincts, they are devoted to their families whom they fiercely protect. They are suspicious of all strangers, making good watchdogs.

The learning rate is high. Training must include obedience and housebreaking. Training begins early in life and must start after the puppy is accustomed to the owner or trainer.

They are not very noisy.


family member, bearlike dog


hair, spring shedding period.As, apartment, solid boundaries


herd large groups, Carpathian mountains, high altitudes, big dog, mountain dogs

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