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Species group:

Other name(s): American Dingo; Dixie Dingo; Southern Aboriginal Dog

The basics:
If you own a Carolina Dog, do you own a bit of living history or do you own a good old-fashioned southern "yellow dog" AKA a mutt? Thanks to recent DNA testing, it seems that the answer comes down on the side of those who say that this is a genuine rediscovery of a lost breed. This small, primitive dog with some similarities to the American Indian Dog and the Australian Dingo may have a history going back 25,000 years to the original dogs brought to North America from Asia with human nomads traveling over the Bering land bridge.

These native working dogs were thought to have disappeared after the arrival of the European settlers. However, in the 1970s, ecologist Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin noticed these animals on the Savannah River Site, a nuclear reservation where wildlife flourished because humans weren't allowed to trespass there. Modern feral dogs, by contrast, prefer urban areas where they can easily scavenge for human leftovers.

This primitive breed, believed by some to include some coyote in the ancestry, must be socialized from an early age to become a good family pet. It isn't yet accepted by the AKC but it can be registered with the American Rare Breed Association. All in all, this dog may be best for somewhat experienced owners with a strong interest in preserving primitive breeds.

Appearance / health:
Carolina Dogs have a long powerful head with strong jaws. The eyes are almond shaped. The erect ears are large and slightly rounded at the tip, well set on top of the head. The nose is large and usually black. The neck is long. The body is moderately long and straight. The fishhook tail is carried at a 45-degree angle from the horizontal when the dog is alert. Otherwise, the tail is held low.

Occasional brushing will help in taking care of their coats. Bathing and shampooing is done when necessary.

They require moderate amounts of exercise. Walks, jogs, picnics, and treks are excellent means of providing them with physical activity.

No known health issues have been seen in Carolina Dogs.

Behavior / temperament:
While all dogs like to dig, Carolina Dogs, especially females, have the peculiar tendency to dig several small pits. Their prey drive is strong and they are capable of killing any small animal. They like to cover their feces. Carolina Dogs may regurgitate their food to feed their puppies. Unlike other primitive dogs, they do not tend to run away. Their hunting instinct is strong; hence, they should not be allowed to roam freely without a leash. They breed early and often.

These dogs may require a lot of early training to allow them to fit in with modern requirements. These dogs have been reportedly fast learners.

They are not very noisy though they may tend to howl at times.


excellent gaurdwatch dog, Perfect Size, intelligent dog, excellent companion, fascinating breed


strong prey drive, primitive nature, small fuzzy things


Fast Runner, strong pack instinct, extremely powerful chewer

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Carolina Dog

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