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Other name(s): Mudhol Hound, Maratha Hound

The basics:
The origins of India's graceful Caravan Hound are lost in the fog of time, but it's supposed that traveling caravans brought Middle Eastern dogs like the Saluki to India to breed with the local sighthounds. In time, this fine hunting dog became the choice of Indian kings. According to legend, one of these dogs fought and killed a tiger that attacked a king. Later, when this king died, the same dog jumped into the funeral pyre to join him in death.

Sensitive, courageous, and loyal, the Caravan Hound still remains popular in the villages of India's Deccan Plateau, where it serves as a hunting companion as well as a watchdog to this day. The Kennel Club of India has recognized the breed and anglicized the name to Caravan Hound, although most dog fanciers still use the name Mudhol Hound.

Appearance / health:
Slightly smaller than the English Greyhounds, Caravan Hounds are elegant and lean dogs that are strongly built with plenty of muscle, stamina, and endurance. The head is small compared to the body. The skull is long, narrow, and flat. The muzzle is powerful and tapering. The oval eyes are dark brown to hazel. The triangular ears are thin and set high. The neck is long and supple. The body is muscular and slightly arched. The tail is long, tapering, and slightly curved. It may be feathered in Pashmi Dogs.

The Caravan Hound is an average shedder. Weekly brushing is sufficient for feathered dogs. Bathing is done when required.

They require moderate to high amounts of exercise. Long jogs, sprints, and walks are necessary for them to be happy and healthy.

Caravan Dogs are healthy and do not normally suffer from health diseases. However, they may develop allergies to certain processed dog foods.

Behavior / temperament:
The Caravan Hound is a hardy yet elegant dog, untouched by breeding practices that focus more on show than purpose. They are extremely strong and can work in hot, humid conditions and in difficult terrains to hunt any game. Caravan Hounds make good watchdogs and possess strong protective instincts. Their effortless running almost appears as if they are flying.

Early training is necessary for this breed. Obedience and housebreaking classes are of great importance. Training needs to be firm, patient, and kind. Caravan Hounds do not respond to harsh techniques. Socialization with different situations and people may help this breed fit in a modern lifestyle easily. They can be sensitive and may resent being touched out of the blue. Be a good dog psychologist.

They are not very noisy.

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