Cajun Squirrel Dog

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Species group:

Other name(s): Kemmer Stock Hybrid Squirrel Dog; Old Cajun Squirrel Dog

The basics:
The Cajun Squirrel Dog is a hybrid of various feists and curs first crossbred in the 1980s American south specifically to tree squirrels. Not yet a purebreed, it can vary in appearance and behavior. For instance, some may also tree raccoons while others do not. The original breeder, Robert Kemmer, has also promoted them under the name Kemmer Stock Hybrid Squirrel Dog.

Appearance / health:
Cajun Squirrel Dogs are medium-sized, smooth-coated dogs with docked tails.

The coat of the Cajun Squirrel Dog’s needs only routine grooming, along with an occasional bath, to maintain it in good condition.

This breed requires a good amount of exercise.

There are no known health issues specific to this breed.

Behavior / temperament:
The Cajun Squirrel Dogs are an active, alert dog breed. They have superior hunting abilities. The entire purpose of the dog is to tree squirrels, so if you prefer not to have your squirrels chased off, then this breed may not be a realistic choice for you.

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