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Other name(s): English Bull Terriers

The basics:
The Bull Terrier, often seen with a pirate's patch of color over one eye, is a breed that projects an aura of energy, playfulness, and even mischief. Originally developed for courage and agility in the dog-fighting pit, they have given their genes to other popular terrier breeds, including the Argentine Dogo,

Like its close relatives, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier, the somewhat rambunctious Bull Terrier needs to be carefully socialized so that they don't represent a risk to young children or even fragile adults. They can be quite bouncy and could knock somebody over, even if only to lick their face. This is a breed for an experienced and attentive dog owner who knows how to manage a powerful and energetic dog.

Appearance / health:
The Bull Terrier is a dog with a characteristic egg-shaped head that is almost flat on the top, with a muzzle tapering slightly down to the tip of the nose with no stop. The almond-shaped eyes are small, dark, and well sunken. The nose is black. The muscular body is round and full. The tail is short and set on low. Presently, Bull Terriers come in two varieties that include the all white ones and the colored ones, and are milder than their fighting ancestors were.

They are average shedders and shed twice a year. Occasional combing and brushing is done to remove any dead hair. A wet towel can be used to clean the coat.

They require moderate amounts of exercise every day. A walk or a jog is important to keep them healthy and happy.

Deafness is common in Bull Terriers. Many dogs also suffer from skin allergies caused by flea and insect bites or food. Bloat may occur in some dogs. A few are prone to zinc deficiency that can cause death.

Behavior / temperament:
Extremely mischievous and clownish, Bull Terriers make great companion dogs. They can be destructive at times either by chewing or biting objects in the house. Always eager to please, they cannot live without their owners. They rarely fail to wag their tails or slobber their owner with kisses when they see them. They do not make the best of guard dogs, as they are too independent-minded and friendly with people most of the times. Bull Terriers demonstrate their terrier personality from time to time by digging up the yard or chasing smaller animals. Sometimes, they may willfully disobey their masters to follow their own instincts.

Bull Terriers have an average learning rate. Training may be difficult owing to their independent natures and may require the help of a professional trainer in some cases. It should be firm, consistent, and keep them engaged. Early socialization and obedience training is extremely important with this breed.

They are not very noisy. Most Bull Terriers bark with a reason. Many Bull Terriers make a series of grunts and other sounds that almost sound as if they can talk.


wonderful family pet, great guard dog, lovely warm heart, little comedians, clowns


inexperienced dog owner, high prey drive, fighter, Terrier proof, small animals, obsessive behaviors


slightly tough image, powerful dog, Early socialization, high pian threshold, tiny little eyes

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