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Other name(s): Bukovina Sheepdog; Bucovina Shepherd; Caine Ciobanesc de Bucovina; Ciobanesc Romanesc de Bucovina

The basics:
The Bucovina Shepherd Dog is a large livestock guardian dog breed which originated in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania and Serbia. Developed to fight against dangerous predators like bears and wolves as well as human thieves, this powerful dog has a strong drive to protect its family (especially the children). Like other powerful guardian breeds, it does not belong in the hands of irresponsible, abusive, or easily intimidated owners.

The Ciobanesc Romanesc de Bucovina was provisionally accepted by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 2013. The first breed standard was written in 1982 and updated in 2001 by the Asociatia Chinologica Romana (Romanian Kennel Club).

Appearance / health:
The Bukovina Sheepdog is a large, strong, well-built, muscular dog with a massive head and a wide skull. The muzzle is moderately long and tapers a little. The eyes are small compared to the skull. The ears are V-shaped and hang close to the neck. The neck is bulky, strong, not very long, and without dewlap. The body is slightly longer than its height, and is massive with a well supported back. The tail is bushy and long, drooping low when the dog is relaxed, and standing erect in a sickle-like shape high on the back, when it is alert or excited. The legs are strong and muscular.

The Bukovina does not require special grooming but a daily brushing helps to keep the dog clean.

They require regular exercise. Walks and jogs are necessary on a daily basis to keep them healthy.

Bukovina Sheepdogs are generally healthy. No health issues specific to these dogs are known.

Behavior / temperament:
The Bukovina Sheepdog is courageous and can be extremely aggressive when it encounters potential predators. Moreover, it normally does not trust strangers. They make excellent guard dogs and watchdogs.

Early obedience training and socialization is necessary for all dog breeds. The Bukovina Sheepdog is intelligent. Some dogs may be a bit stubborn. Training using positive reinforcement methods is likely to succeed.

The Bukovina Sheepdog barks powerfully with a low tone that is audible from far. However, they are not noisy.


big calm dog, massive dog, great guards, great companions, cool climates, little children


body weight


alarm sistem, Carpathian mountains, authority figure, excellent watchdogs

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Bucovina Shepherd Dog

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