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Other name(s): Griffon Bruxellois; Brüsseler Griffon

The basics:
The Brussels Griffon is a spunky, spirited little monkey of a dog. The breed began as ratters and guards for Brussels cabbies in the 1800's but soon became more of a companion dog. Nicknamed “monkey face” because their expressions are so similar to primates, these toy terriers are curious, agile, intelligent, and able to climb. Despite their small size, they aren't necessarily a dog for beginners. You will need to know how to provide kind and respectful training to a pet that has a mind of its own.

If you're interesting in showing your dog, pay attention to the classifications for your region. Member clubs of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) recognize three separate breeds with similar standards. Other kennel clubs register it as one breed with three variations. The Brussels Griffon (Griffon Bruxellois) is the only Griffon which is recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Appearance / health:
The Brussels Griffon is a toy sized breed, but built sturdily. Physical attributes include: domed head with short nose, bright prominent eyes, undershot jaw, human-like expressions, thick body, usually the breed has cropped ears and a docked tail.

Although it sheds very little, the rougher coated dogs may need more grooming attention than some others. The hair can be “hand stripped” and clipped to soften the coat up a bit.

Given their good activity level indoors the breed doesn’t need a specific exercise schedule, however it does enjoy daily walks. Mental stimulation is important for this breed, as well, so games are a suggested avenue for both mental and physical exercise.

Brussels Griffons have an increased presence of several health anomalies including but not limited to: slipped stifle (similar to a knee joint); eye and respiratory problems; weak bladders, distichiasis (eyelash growth anomalies); hydrocephalus (more prominent in the smaller among the breed); an elongated palate; narrowed nostrils; and webbed feet. Due to the breed’s small size, sometimes a litter needs to be whelped via cesarean-section.

Behavior / temperament:
Brussels Griffons have an affable personality, and are quite charming, but have been known to be willful as well. They can be moody at times, and the breed thrives off of attention. Typically the Griffon will take to one person within its family unit, and want to be with that person at all times. They need human companionship and tend to be upset if left alone for large portions of the day.

Griffons are trained relatively easily, but it is important that training be consistent to see good results. They are stubborn, and don’t do well without a patient trainer. Some Griffons are difficult to housebreak, however they do make good watchdogs.

Brussels Griffons are known to be frequent barkers.


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