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Species group:

Other name(s): Bracco; Italian Pointer; Italian Pointing Dog

The basics:
Although this breed may date back to the 4th century BC, the Bracco Italiano surged in popularity during the Renaissance when Italian nobles used it to flush game for the falconer or into nets. With the invention of the gun, the dog was transformed into more of a pointer and a retriever. Although this older breed almost vanished in the early 1900s, its admirers are helping it stage a comeback. After intensive work by Italian breeders, it reached England in 1989 and has been recorded in the AKC's Foundation Stock Service since 2001.

A fine hunting breed with a high intelligence and a good nose, the Bracco Italiano will live up to its best potential if trained by the experienced dog owner who enjoys hunting.

Appearance / health:
The Bracco Italiano is a noble looking, medium-sized, squarely built, muscular, and strong retriever dog sporting a docked tail. It has long, folded ears with a small head and slightly convex muzzle. The length and height of the body is almost equal throughout except at the withers where the length is a little more than the height of the body. The eyes are quite large and oval bearing a soft expression in them. The neck is powerful and moderately short with a divided dewlap.

There are two variations of the breed. The first originated in Piedmont, and was for that reason known as the Piedmontese Pointer. The other originated in Lombardy, and was known as the Lombard Pointer. The Bracco from Piedmont is lighter in color and in build, probably due to the mountainous terrain there. The Lombard Pointer is dark in color and thicker in body.

The Bracco Italiano sheds little and requires minimal grooming. Brushing or combing with a rubber brush once or twice a week during the shedding period helps to remove dead and loose hairs.

Being sporting dogs, they require daily exercise. Owners may take their dogs for long walks, jogs, and occasional trips to forests, mountains, etc.

The Bracco Italiano is generally a healthy breed with few health problems. Hip dysplasia (inherent disorder of the hip joints leading to the lamness or crippling) and eye disorders may affect a few dogs.

Behavior / temperament:
The Bracco Italiano has a very strong sense of smell and therefore makes a great pointing dog. It also loves to work and is the happiest when it is busy with work. However, it can be stubborn at times and likes to be treated with respect.

The Bracco Italiano is intelligent and eager to learn, and responds best to consistent, gentle training. It does not respond well to harsh training and if subjected to this type of training, may lose respect for the trainer and lose interest in the training. Praising them for a good job brings out the best results.

The Bracco Italiano is not noisy.


fine hunting companion, affectionate family pet, Great Around Children, sparkling temperament, Smart


equestrian gait, unique appearance

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