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Other name(s): BT

The basics:
As you might guess from the name, the Border Terrier was one of several terrier breeds developed along the border between England and Scotland. The Kennel Club (UK) asserts that the BT has "exactly the qualities that are required for a dog that is expected to go to ground after a fox." The AKC calls the breed "plucky"-- a good word for a bold dog that isn't afraid to dig right into holes and crawlspaces. This dog is recommended to the energetic, athletic owner who enjoys lots of time working or playing with their companion.

They are affectionate and live for your attention. Focus on positive rewards while training them. It can be a tougher balance to achieve than you think, since they can overeat treats.

Appearance / health:
Border Terriers are small dogs with heads resembling an otter's head. The head is moderately broad and a flat skull with considerable width between the eyes and the ears. The eyes are dark hazel, and moderate in size. The muzzle is short and generally dark. A few short whiskers are characteristic of this breed. The nose is black. The tail is moderately short, thick at the base, and set on high.

The Border Terrier is a low shedder and requires moderate grooming to look as natural as possible. The major task is stripping the coat when it be comes dead and overgrown. Owners regularly brush their hair once every week. Bathing and shampooing is done only when necessary. These dogs have a natural coat that is resistant to dirt and weather.

They need good amounts of exercise. A walk or a jog is necessary for both farm dogs as well as dogs in apartments.

Border Terriers are a healthy breed suffering from fewer ailments than other dogs. Some dogs may suffer from heart problems, eye disorders, seizures, and allergies. They may also suffer from hip dysplasia, a condition characterized by badly formed hips that may cause lameness. It is necessary to do regular health checks on these dogs because they have a high tolerance to pain. A dog suffering from any disease may not display pain or discomfort.

Behavior / temperament:
Border Terriers have a good sense of hearing. Their hunting instincts are strong and they love chasing smaller animals such as rabbits and mice, sometimes killing them. It might be difficult for the owner to recall them when they are on a chase. They love to dig and can dig their way out of a fenced space. They thrive in human company, sometimes demonstrating their love by jumping or kissing them. Though they are generally gentle and well mannered, they can be aggressive and determined when on a hunt. They are capable of traversing through narrow paths easily. Food motivates them a lot, and can be used effectively to train them.

Compared to most terriers, they are easily trained because of their high intelligence and desire to please. Patient, kind training is necessary for this breed, as they do not take to harsh methods easily. They have a good learning rate.

They are spirited barkers and bark every time someone rings the bell.


trainable dog, affectionate companion, intelligent dogs, favourite pooch, funny, playfulness


squirrels, chasing, small critters, naughty boy Border, excessive exercise, strangers


soft undercoat, active dogs, strong owner, strong motherly traits

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