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Other name(s): Farmer's Fox, Farmers' Jacks

The Boerenfox Terrier is a type of crossbred dog, generally a cross between a Smooth Haired Fox Terrier and a Parson Russell Terrier. Boerenfox are common farm dogs in the Netherlands.

Appearance / health:
The Tamaskan Dog is large and athletic, being slightly taller in size than German Shepherds. He should have a wolf-like appearance with coarse and thick fur, small ears and a straight bushy tail. Tamaskans have a lupine appearance with a straight bushy tail and thick coat. The eyes are yellow through amber and brown, with light coloured eyes being very rare. Blue eyes are unacceptable

Despite originating from ancestors suffering from hip dysplasia, no known health issues have yet arisen.

Behavior / temperament:
Unlike most true wolfdogs, Tamaskans are considered ideal family dogs, as they are tolerant toward other dogs and small children.

Tamaskans are highly intelligent and some have been known to excel in agility and obedience training, as well as sled racing. They are highly social, and typically do not cope well without the company of people or other dogs. A Tamaskan left alone for long periods of time may develop destructive behavior or try to escape its home. Unlike some of their husky ancestors the Tamaskan Dog responds well off the lead and with a small amount of training and perhaps some treats or biscuits they will usually always return when called.

Some Tamaskans, like other arctic breeds, will howl.

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