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Other name(s): Bluetick

The basics:
Although the Bluetick Coonhood was only recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2009, this splendid breed from Louisiana enjoys a history that goes back to the hunting hounds of England and France. Like its foxhound ancestors, this speedy animal is determined in pursuit of its prey and enjoys roaming in the outdoors with its human companion. Like other hounds, the Bluetick becomes devoted to its people and should never be neglected.

Appearance / health:
The Bluetick Coonhound is a medium-sized, muscular, lean dog with a proportionate body and medium-sized head. The muzzle is short and the neck is slightly long but muscular. The eyes are round and large; the ears are set low on the head and always sagging. The legs are well boned, muscular and straight. The tail is long, set high on the back with a slight curl at its end and can be carried either erect or low.

The Bluetick Coonhound sheds continuously and requires weekly brushing and an occasional bathing or shampooing to keep it clean. The ears are prone to infection, requiring regular cleaning.

Their exercise requirements are moderate. Long walks, jogs, short sprints are necessary on a regular basis to keep them happy and healthy. They make excellent companions on hikes, picnics, etc.

The Bluetick Coonhound is generally healthy but may be prone to cataracts (an eye disorder in which the lens of the eyes are clouded), hip dysplasia (inherent disease in which the hip joints are displaced leading to lameness or crippling), and Krabbes (a genetic disorder that causes improper development of nerves in the brain) disease.

Behavior / temperament:
Blueticks are usually reserved with strangers whom they greet with a characteristic howl. They tend to drool heavily, especially when they see food. They thrive in human company and when left alone for long periods, they are likely to get bored or lonely. Blueticks require some space and can be destructive when their mental energies do not receive a suitable outlet such as exercise and toys. They have a strong sense of smell. Their prey instinct is strong. Dogs of this breed have a strong tendency to roam, and hence should not be left off leash outdoors.

The Bluetick Coonhound has a high learning rate and responds best to gentle, firm, fair, and consistent training. Harsh training is likely to break the dog's spirit. Obedience and socialization training help to bring out the best in the breed.

The breed can be noisy as it tends to howl a lot.


working dog, Loyal Family Pet, watch dog, outdoor active dog, hunting dog


bark, energy, howl type bark, fairly noisy dog, high prey drive, loud howl


raccoons, fast learner, versatile dog, garbage, thorough sniffdown

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