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Other name(s): Lacy Dog; Lacy Game Dog; Texas Blue Lacy; Lacy Hog Dog

The basics:
Named in 2005 as the state dog of Texas, the Blue Lacy was originally developed in the mid-1800s as a working breed used to drive free-range hogs, a task that demanded strength, spirit, and the ability to work. They soon proved useful for other ranch duties like herding cattle and hunting. Although they can be fine companions for owners who have space and something useful for them to do, they may be unhappy in situations where you must leave them alone in a small yard or apartment for long hours of the day. A bored Lacy without a sense of purpose could become destructive or depressed. These are dogs for the ranch, not for the condo.

Appearance / health:
The Blue Lacy is a medium-sized, slender and muscular dog. Its head is a medium size and the muzzle is long and tapering. The eyes are slightly slanting and moderately large. The ears are rather small and usually sagging close to the neck. The tail is long and drooping normally but carried high when in a state of alertness.

The breed is an average shedder and requires less grooming compared to other dog breeds.

The Blue Lacy requires good amounts of exercise. Farm dogs usually get their exercise from working on different tasks.

The Blue Lacy is not known to suffer from any major health concerns.

Behavior / temperament:
The Blue Lacy is sensitive to harsh correction and needs a lot of attention. Good in herding and droving, the Blue Lacy is known for its effectiveness, and is said to do the work of five cowboys. It can easily handle the most annoying of cattle and hen without any special training. They are bay hounds and not attack or catch dogs so are not aggressive. They are even training them for special needs such as autistic children.

The breed is easy to train and responds well to firm, consistent training.


good farm dogs, working/tracking ability, working dog, great companion dogs


high drive dogs, careless breeders, little extra socialization, physical stimulation


great blood trackers, hog hunting, herding drive, excellent running buddy

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Blue Lacy

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