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Species group:

Other name(s): Chien de Saint-Hubert; St. Hubert Hound

The basics:
The lugubrious-looking Bloodhound has been highly regarded through the centuries for its superb sense of smell that allows it to relentlessly track humans or animals. As a result, this breed is a highly regarded police dog for search and rescue teams, and a Bloodhound's evidence trail is admissible in a court of law. Despite its wrinkled face and its sometimes bumbling appearance, this dog is not an old spirit that prefers to lounge on a couch. These are slow-maturing sometimes-puppylike dogs that demand kind and consistent training over a longer time than you might think reasonable, making them a poor choice for the impatient owner. If allowed to run off-leash, they are prone to take off after a fascinating scent or to be tempted to chase other animals or cars.

Appearance / health:
The Bloodhound has features characteristic of all dogs that hunt by smell. The skin is extremely loose, especially around the head and the neck. Their overall structure is huge because of thick bones, and stands over more distance than other dogs. The head is narrow compared to its length. Bloodhounds have thin, soft, and extremely long ears, which fall in folds.

The Bloodhound does not require much grooming though it must be brushed regularly to remove hair. The frequency of bathing is low. The ears need to be cleaned daily to avoid infections. Bloodhounds tend to drool excessively.

Bloodhounds require a lot of activity to stay healthy, preferably around 90 minutes. They need to roam around outdoors in large open surroundings, and are ideal companions on a camping trip. However, they require the owner's constant supervision as any interesting scent might attract them to travel far distances.

Bloodhounds do not live as long as other dogs and aging occurs normally by the age of eight. They are prone to hip dysplasia (a condition marked by abnormal hip formation), eye defects, and allergies. Gastric torsion or bloat may also occur and can kill the dog within a matter of hours.

Behavior / temperament:
Bloodhounds are extremely affectionate and shy, and generally do not fight with other dogs. Highly determined trackers, they can tirelessly track a scent and it is difficult to call a search off once they set out. They need constant companions, either their owners or other dogs, and hate being alone.

The learning rate for Bloodhounds is low to medium. Owing to their strong willful natures, they may be difficult to train.

Bloodhounds are generally calm and mellow though they tend to bark and howl sometimes.


multi-purpose police work, incredibly powerful nose, droopy ears, awesome allaround, family pet


Expert Level Trainer, short lifespanA Bloodhound, real problem, family household, funny smell


fun teaching, endurance, different training methods, great communicators, confident owner

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