Black Russian Terrier

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Other name(s): BRT; Tchiorny Terrier; Black Terrier; Chornyi; Russian Bear Schnauzer; Russian Black Terrier

The basics:
According to the Black Russian Terrier Club of America (BRTCA), in the 1930s the Red Star military kennel in Moscow began developing a native Russian breed that would be part of the national security force. This powerful dog, created from a mix of 17 breeds, needed to be large, reliable, adaptable and easy to train, and tough enough to tolerate the harsh Russian winter. They first worked with military police at border crossings, prisons, and military installations. Naturally, a dog with these qualities has attracted interest throughout the world. The BRT was recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 1984 and by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2004.

Despite its brains and toughness, this specialized working dog is not right for everyone. You should know how to confidently train and socialize a large, active breed that needs something useful to do to channel its energy. A bored BRT could be dangerous or destructive.

Appearance / health:
Black Russian Terrier's are strong, muscular, and athletic dogs. The skull is moderately wide. The forehead is flat. Mustaches and beards on the muzzle give it a rectangular shape. The nose is large and black. The ears are set high and are small and triangular. The eyes are rather small and oval shaped. The neck is strong and massive. The tail is set high and thick.

The breed is a low shedder requiring a brushing every week to remove any dead hair. They shed more than most Airedale Terriers though not as much as a Labrador. Professional grooming may be required every six weeks.

BRTS require moderate amounts of exercise. Half an hour of light to moderate exercise such as running, walking, or swimming is necessary for the BRT to be healthy and happy.

The BRT may be prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. Dysplasia refers to a condition marked by badly formed organs or any abnormal structure in the joints or other parts of the body. Hip dysplasia can cause lameness. In addition, eye problems, obesity, and allergies may occur in some BRTs.

Behavior / temperament:
Black Russian Terriers are wary of strangers and do not hesitate to bark when necessary. Some dogs that are not socialized early may not tolerate strangers handling them. They were bred for temperament rather than looks. They love to follow their owners wherever they go. BRTs are expressive and may sneak into their owner's beds at night and planting wet kisses. Though they are called Terriers, they have little of the aggression and dominance found in other dogs. Inexperienced owners may find it difficult to control this reasonably large and powerful dog. They react fast to any situation. If kept alone for too long, these dogs can get destructive. Several BRTs snore a lot. Few dogs may have the habit of roaming in the house at night.

Early socialization and training are necessary to bring out the best in this breed. Obedience training is extremely important as these large dogs may appear stubborn later, making it difficult for the owner to control them. They learn easily but do not respond to harsh training methods. Trainers should utilize their high intelligence and eagerness to learn.

Black Russian Terriers are not very noisy but some overprotective dogs may bark at every stranger at the door.


energetic sweet fun, deep bonds, magnificent dog, good watch dog, great personality


groomers, hip dysplasia, Bark Bark


large dog, BRT, relatively long life, solid bodies

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Black Russian Terrier

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