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Other name(s): Blackmouth Cur; BMC; Southern Cur; Yellow Blackmouth Cur; American Blackmouth Cur

The basics:
While there's an ongoing debate about whether the Black Mouth Cur was developed in the mountains of Tennessee or the Mississippi delta, there's no doubt that early settlers in the U.S. southeast used them as all-round working dogs, good for hunting or as a family guardian. They proved so useful that pioneers brought these dogs along as they moved farther west.

With this heritage, you already know that this breed demands lots of exercise and space to roam with you outdoors. They're happy on a ranch, not in a tiny apartment. They have something of a desire to herd, but they must be properly socialized and trained with positive reinforcement to bring out the best of their loyal, protective personality.

Appearance / health:
The Black Mouth Cur is a muscular, sturdy, and rugged breed. The muzzle is powerful and may be black, tan, or the same color as the coat. It has medium-sized ears that hang by the sides. It has a deep and solid chest and a tail that may be quite lengthy.

The Blackmouth Cur does not shed much and is easy to groom. Occasional combing and brushing is sufficient to dead and loose hair. Bathing is done only when necessary as bathing can cause skin problems due to drying up of the skin. The ear canal should be kept free of excess hair and the toenails should be regularly clipped.

These dogs need a large yard to exercise. Daily walks, jogs, games, etc. are suitable ways of providing them exercise.

Blackmouth Curs are prone to ear infections under humid or wet conditions.

Behavior / temperament:
The Black Mouth Cur is a favorite with hunters because of its strong hunting instincts, excellent nose, and good eyesight. They are excellent at trailing and tracking. Dogs of this breed tend to wander, and hence the yard requires adequate fencing.

The Blackmouth Cur is highly intelligent but training is not easy. The trainer needs to form a strong bond with the dog. Consistency, persistence, and a lot of praise are necessary.

Some Blackmouth Curs are quite noisy. However, a well-trained Black Mouth Cur that is sufficiently exercised is a quiet, well-adjusted dog.


Perfect Family Pet, hunting, protective dogs, versatile dog, excellent watch dog


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Black Mouth Cur

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