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Other name(s): Biewer Yorkshire Terrier; Biewer Yorkie; Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pon; Biewer á la Pom Pon

The basics:
The Biewer originated in Hunsruck, Germany in 1984 when Werner and Gertrude Biewer saw that one of their Yorkshire Terrier offspring was born with very attractive white markings. Through research, they discovered that a recessive piebald gene occurred in their Yorkshire Terriers, and after 5 years of selective breeding, the Biewer's named these dogs "Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pon." The Biewer was introduced in the United States and many other countries in 2003.

The debate over whether the Biewer and the Biewer Terrier are separate and distinct breeds is heated, with each dog having its own breed clubs. (For educational purposes we have created separate pages for each on RightPet.) We won't take sides. We'll just note that the Biewer is indeed a beautiful companion dog for owners looking for something a little different. If you are already familiar with Yorkies or other small terriers, that's certainly a bonus.

The American Rare Breed Association (ARBA) accepted the Biewer as a rare breed in 2008, to be shown in the Toy Companion Group. The Biewer also is accepted in the International All Breed Club Association (IABCA) and North American Kennel Club (NAKC) rare breed dog shows.

Appearance / health:
The Biewer is a small, longhaired dog. Except the eyes, nose and the forehead, the Biewer has long hairs covering the entire body. The length of the body is slightly more than its height. The head is small and flat. The muzzle is short with a black nose. The eyes are medium in size. The triangular, erect ears are set high on the head.

The Biewer does not shed much. The coat being long and furry requires regular combing and bathing. A weekly combing with a wire comb and a bath every couple of weeks helps to keep the coat healthy.

The Biewer is generally healthy but some dogs may be prone to eye disorders, luxating patella (dislocation of the kneecap leading to limping or crippling), and portosystemic shunt (abnormal blood vessel formation in/near the liver preventing blood from reaching the liver leading to neurological problems).

Behavior / temperament:
Biewers love human company, and cannot do without their owners for too long. They tend to snap when surprised, frightened, or teased. They are territorial by nature. Biewers make good watchdogs.

The breed is clever and easy to train.

The Biewer tends to be noisy and barks often. However, adequate training, socialization, and exercise will help to reduce this tendency.


charismatic, beautiful little breed, friendly little lap, Biewer Sweetest disposition


young children, jealous behaviors, daily grooming, small fragile body


pack leader skills, terrier attitude, true terrier heritage

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