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Other name(s): Berner Niederlaufhund; Small Bernese Hound

The basics:
The Berner Laufhund (Small Bernese Hound) is a middle-sized scent hound which is one of four varieties of Schweizerischer Niederlaufhunds (Swiss Hounds). This fine hunting breed is highly regarded for its keen nose, and their high energy levels and eager-to-please hound personalities can also make for a good family pet. However, like any other hound, a neglected individual could become a problem barker or chewer. Be confident you really have the time and energy for this outdoorsy breed.

The Schweizer Niederlaufhund Club was founded in June 1905. In 1933, a single standard was established for the four varieties of the Swiss Hound.

Appearance / health:
The Berner Laufhund has a tricolor coat with black and white with tan markings over the eyes. The Berner Laufhund comes in both a smooth and rough coat. The rough coat variety has a coarse-haired, harsh single coat, with a small beard on the face.

They are average shedders. The coat is easy to maintain and could be brushed occasionally or simply wiped with a damp cloth. Ears need regular checking and may be cleaned when required. Standard care is needed for eyes, pads and nails.

They make good jogging companions.

Swiss hounds are prone to entropion (rolling inward of margin of eyelid) and ectropion (rolling outward of margin of eyelid).

Behavior / temperament:
Berner Laufhund are sturdy dogs used for hunting small game such as hares. Even on difficult terrain, they track and flush with great determination. They are passionate hunters and need lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation. They resort to destructive chewing or excessive barking if not provided with sufficient exercise or if left alone for long durations. They have strong protective instinct and could turn shy and aggressive if not socialized from an early age.

Berner Laufhunds are fast learners but are independent and self-willed and may not be quick to obey commands. Positive reinforcement is the best way to train them.

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