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Species group:

Other name(s): Tervuren; Chien de Berger Belge

The basics:
The Belgian Tervuren is one of four Belgian Shepherds, considered a breed of its own by the American Kennel Club and simply a variety of Belgian Shepherd by almost all other countries. Without getting involved in that debate, we'll just point out that this dog is a high energy, high intelligence working dog that craves both physical and mental exercise. For the best results with this animal, you will need to be a motivated, involved owner who gives your companion something involving to do. Their personality varies quite a bit, and you will need to bring your best dog psychology to training this dog to compete in agility or other competitions. You must be able to lead with kindness.

Appearance / health:
The Belgian Tervuren is a well-balanced medium-sized, strong, agile, and muscular dog. Their dark brown eyes are slightly almond-shaped. The nose is black. The ears are cupped and erect. The muzzle tapers without being too pointy. The shoulders form an angle with their long, muscular legs. The tail is long and feathered. It is set low at rest and curves a bit when the dog is moving. The feet are small and cat like.

They are light shedders with heavy shedding once or twice a year. Daily brushing and combing is necessary for this breed.

Belgian Tervurens require moderate amounts of exercise. A swim, short walk, or a jog is necessary for these dogs to stay happy and healthy and prevent obesity.

Belgian Tervurens are relatively a healthy breed and do not suffer from many ailments. Obesity is common. Other health issues affecting Tervurens are eye problems, thyroid issues, epilepsy, and bloat. Hip dysplasia, a condition characterized by badly formed hips, may occur.

Behavior / temperament:
Belgian Tervurens do not respond well to harshness and though they may forgive the owner, they do not forget easily and some may become uncooperative. Their herding instincts are strong so they may tend to nip people or animals at their heels. Always wary of strangers, they make good watchdogs because of their alertness without being too aggressive. Some dogs are extremely friendly, even with strangers. Full of energy, these dogs are always on the move and need to be busy and can be destructive.

They have a high learning rate and can be trained to do different things. They excel in obedience work. Early socialization and training is necessary to get the best out of these dogs.

They do not bark much though some may be spirited barkers.


Agility course, gorgeous dogs, superior family dog, fierce guard dog, highly intelligent dog


escape artists, small animals, strong prey drive, separation anxiety, long hair


militarypolice units, crate training, reputable breeder, intense dog, professional training

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Belgian Tervuren

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