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Species group:

Other name(s): French Shorthaired Shepherd; Beauce Shepherd; Berger de Beauce; Bas Rouge

The basics:
The largest of the French sheepdog breeds, Beauceron were bred perhaps as far back as the 16th century to work with sheep and cattle and also to protect their family’s land and property. According to the American Beauceron Club, the Beauceron has grown ever more popular in France since the 1960s but it has only recently attracted attention outside that country. The club explains that these dogs "are an eager and willing worker, whose intelligence and obedience make them an extremely versatile and superior working dog."

Like the German Shepherd Dog, the Beauceron can be used for a wide variety of tasks including livestock herding, police and military work, search and rescue, handicapped assistance, and canine sports. In other words, like the GSD, this working dog will be happiest with an owner who can give it something meaningful and interesting to do. Because they have the confidence to think for themselves, they do require an owner who knows how to be a consistent alpha.

Appearance / health:
Beauceron breed standards dictate that the dog be a balanced, solid dog. Characteristic traits include significant strength, good endurance and impressive agility. Males of the species are larger than the females; however females still follow breed standards.

Physically the breed standard dictates the following: a long, chiseled head; dark brown eyes; high set ears whether cropped or not; dark lips with slight flews and double dewclaws on hind legs.

When shedding, more frequent brushing/grooming is suggested, but otherwise the breed only requires occasional grooming. The breed tends to be an average shedder.

Exercise is a highly important part of any happy Beauceron’s daily life. They love expend energy, and without proper amounts of activity may adopt destructive tendencies.

Generally healthy and strong, the Beauceron isn’t known to have any out-of-the-ordinary health issues, though they do tend to have some minimal issues with their bones and joints. Some within the breed have been known to have bloat, and due to their larger size they are also prone to hip dysplasia.

Behavior / temperament:
Guarding and herding instincts are relatively strong with the Beauceron. They are typically loving with family, but can be stand-offish with strangers. They have been described as wonderfully sensitive, being able to understand their owners’ emotions easily.

Beaucerons are beautifully confident and very sure of themselves. They do not appear harsh or shy, but instead exude intelligence and fearlessness. They are also described as obedient, gentle, patient, and faithful to their owners.

Early training and socialization is necessary for the Beauceron. It is equally important that they have a strong master, as if not led and trained well by their “pack leader” they may assume a dominant role in the family.

This breed tends to be average barkers.


perfect, special breed, Service Dog


open space


strict training regimen, big dogs

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