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The basics:
The long, low-slung Basset Hound was developed in 16th century France to slowly, doggedly trail game by scent. Like other hunting hounds, they seem to enjoy working with their humans, and this breed is particularly well-known for its easy-going nature. Well-regarded for its gentleness and its ability to get along with almost anyone, the Basset Hound enjoyed a surge in popularity in 1863 after being exhibited at the Paris Dog Show.

Be aware that they have retained their keen sense of smell, and they are known to take off after an interesting scent if not properly leashed. The AKC notes that their foremost use in the United States, even today, is for hunting rabbits.

Appearance / health:
Basset Hounds are short-legged dogs with long low-set ears, with loose wrinkled skin around their heads. The tail is long and upright. The nose is dark and generally black in color, though it can be lighter in red and white and lemon dogs. They have a powerful neck and a well-domed skull.

Some Basset Hounds are heavy shedders, others seldom shed or shed very lightly. Yet, they require little grooming. Brushing of their coats is done weekly. The head and ears may be cleaned with a damp cloth. Their long ears need to be cleaned occasionally to prevent infections. Nails are important to keep short so that the Basset's movement is not impeded.

The Basset Hound was bred for endurance in the field. They need moderate amounts of exercise in the form of a short walk or a jog. At least an hour a day is recommended. You should see the back flatten out and the dog move with reach in the front and drive in the rear as you move.

Many health issues are the result of the owner's negligence in the form of improper or excess food and lack of exercise. This may result in obesity, arthritis (joint inflammation), and heart problems. In addition, a few genetic ailments may occur, such as eye problems and Von Willebrand's disease (characterized by prolonged severe bleeding). Bloat, allergies, back pain, and infections may also occur.

Behavior / temperament:
They may seem inactive at home but can be spirited outdoors. Food is a strong motivator for these dogs and they can jump up or crawl up to get items on counters. Their bark is musical. They are bred to be independent thinkers, and will manipulate to get what they want, especially human food, so it is important not to overfeed. Some Bassets tend to howl or whine rather than bark to attract the owner's attention. Their hunting instinct is strong and they will often choose to scent around a perimeter or go off on a scent rather than interact with a human or another dog.

Some Basset Hounds are difficult to housebreak, but they do well with patient training and positive reinforcement. Because Basset's are bred to be independent thinkers in tracking game, and because they are highly manipulative in getting what they want, they may want to preview a training reward being offered, and only perform a task for a reward they deem to be worth the task. Their learning rate can be remarkable, provided the proper training, and scent rewards often work well for this breed. Obedience training is essential to get the best out of this breed.

Some puppies are quite noisy and tend to whine and cry, others are extraordinarily calm and quiet. Adults are sometimes noisy.


long soft ears, good watch dog, gentle hearted basset, great couch cuddlers, wonderful personality


loud baying voice, relentless barking, drooling, obedience training, ear cleaning, numerous health issues


couch potatoes, excellent scent tracking, real opportunistic eater, stairs, biggest ears, MOURNFUL EYES

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