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Species group:

Other name(s): Norman Artesian Basset

The basics:
The Basset Artésien Normand originated as a mixture of two French Bassets (short-legged hunting hounds), a straight-legged breed from Artois and a crooked-legged breed from Normandy. The breed was first developed for hunting foxes and hares, sometimes in company with larger hounds, so that it could enter brambles and lairs in pursuit of prey where the bigger dogs couldn't follow. As with many other hounds, the Basset Artesian Normand's cooperative and eager-to-please nature turned out to make it a good companion as well as a hunter. Although still little-known in the US, the breed has been recognized by the Fédération_Cynologique_Internationale (FCI) for many years.

Appearance / health:
The Basset Artesian Normand looks a little like the Basset Hound, but is lighter in weight. It is an athletic dog, with an elegant head and long, smooth muscles. It has short, straight legs and a body that is twice as long as its height. It has a dome-shaped powerful head, with hairy cheeks. Its eyes are large and serious looking. Its ears are very long, cone-shaped, soft, and pointed, giving the head a noble and beautiful appearance. The muzzle is long, refined and arched. The neck has a slight dewlap. Its muscles are smooth with moderate amount of wrinkles. The chest is round with a clearly visible sternum. The large, black nose protrudes slightly beyond the lips. The tail is thick at the root, but narrows progressively, and is carried with a saber curve.

The smooth, short-haired coat of the Basset Artesian Normand is easy to groom. A rubber brush rubbed over the dog's coat occasionally will serve to remove dead hair. The coat may be shampooed only when necessary. The ears may need regular cleaning and the nails trimming.

A daily walk is sufficient to keep the Basset Artesian Normand fit.

The long back of the Basset Artesian Normand is prone to intervertebral disk disease. The jelly-like inner layer of the vertebral disk protrudes, or herniates, into the vertebral canal and presses on the spinal cord. Compression of the spinal cord may be minimal (causing mild back or neck pain) to severe (causing paralysis, loss of sensation, and lack of bladder, and bowel control), and may be irreversible. Also, proper ear care is needed for their droopy ears, and thus it is important to clean them regularly.

Behavior / temperament:
Courageous and headstrong in the hunt, but good-natured and obedient, the Basset Artesian Normand is valued as a companion as well as an excellent hunter. This breed has a refined sense of smell and loves to take off after an interesting scent.

The breed is happy, intelligent, and vivacious in nature. Its additional qualities, such as kindness, and patience with children, have earned it a place as a companion dog.

The Basset Artesian Normand is fairly easy to train.

They have a deep bark and may bark loudly when strangers arrive.




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Basset Artesien Normand

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