Aryan Molossus

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Species group:

Other name(s): Afghan Mastiff

The basics:
The Aryan Molossus is an extremely large mastiff found in the rugged regions of Afghanistan. Sadly, this powerful dog was traditionally used to resolve disputes. Both sides would drop their dogs in a pit to fight until one of them died. The winning dog's owner would win the dispute.

Since the Soviet-Afghan War began in 1979, the country has been torn by war and terror more often than not. It's said that many owners hid these dogs from the Russian occupation in the high mountains. Eventually, it became too expensive or difficult for people to maintain them in the difficult terrain, and the numbers of surviving Afghan Mastiffs are said to be falling.

Be that as it may, we cannot recommend a large dog-fighting breed to anyone other than experienced, responsible experts working to save the breed. You must be absolutely confident in your ability to socialize powerful dogs with a territorial instinct. Dogs should never be set upon each other merely to settle scores between their human owners.

Appearance / health:
They have dark eyes. The chest is deep and muscular. They have well built bodies that are heavy and large with strong muscular legs. Their tails are held high and curl over their backs.

Not much is known about their grooming.

They need moderate to high amounts of exercise if kept in an apartment. A long walk or a jog is necessary for these dogs to be healthy.

As with most large dogs, the Aryan Molossus may be prone to hip dysplasia, a condition characterized by badly formed hips and that causes lameness. Processed foods or fleas may trigger an allergic reaction in them.

Behavior / temperament:
They are hardy dogs with great strength. Most Aryan Molossuses generally known only by their owners, as they are kept unexposed to outside people. They love to please their masters and can fight until the end. Alas, this kind of treatment has caused them to develop a reputation as a vicious or dangerous breed.

Training should start early when they are still puppies. Socialization with other animals, pets, and people may help to reduce aggression or shyness. Most people will find this breed a legal or an insurance liability.

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