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The basics:
The American Foxhound was developed by the early settlers to the New World from hounds imported from England and France. Lighter, more agile, and taller than the English hounds, they are celebrated for their ability to pursue fox and other small game thanks to their stamina and keen sense of smell. Used to hunt in packs of 15 to 20 dogs, they needed to be easy-going and even-tempered as well as independent and determined. Despite the great personality, they are still mostly bred for either hunting or competition, since they usually do prefer to live in a pack environment.

A fun historical note: First US President George Washington is one of the breeders who imported the original stock from England. General Lafayette, the French general who helped fight the English on the American side of the Revolutionary War, gifted Washington several French foxhounds for his breeding program.

Appearance / health:
American Foxhounds are large dogs with wide ears and a tail that looks like a raised sickle. They have a long head, slightly domed skull, and large eyes that are either hazel or brown. They have long, straight-boned legs.

American Foxhounds are average shedders and need to be combed daily with a firm bristle brush.

They need a lot of exercise without which they can be restless and destructive. Owing to their excellent stamina, these dogs can run for hours and yet remain enthusiastic about running.

American Foxhounds are free of several congenital diseases that plague other breeds of dogs. Overfeeding is a possibility, as these dogs tend to eat a lot.

Exercise is necessary to keep them fit and happy.

A health risk specific to American Foxhounds is platelet disease. Platelets are small cells necessary for the clotting of blood.

Behavior / temperament:
The American Foxhound is a gentle, affectionate dog that cannot resist pursuing an interesting scent. Their stamina and endurance levels make them good hunting dogs. They do not get tired easily and require lots of exercise to keep them fit. Most American Foxhounds are not suited for an indoor life and prefer living outdoors in packs though this is not always the case.

They can be trained easily, especially to hunt. However, they take time to housebreak. They can also be trained as a watchdog with lot of patient training. The learning rate is between slow to moderate.

They are not noisy. They bay often and bark melodiously.


real beauty, excellent family dog, gentle dog, children, jogging


apartment, similar loud noises, high activity level, children’s company


natural hunters, long walks, doggie thunder jackets

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American Foxhound

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American Foxhound

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