American English Coonhound / Labrador Retriever Mix

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The basics:
RightPet does not advocate the intentional cross-breeding of purebred dogs. But the reality is that most dogs available for adoption at shelters and rescues are mixed breeds. We think it might be helpful to hear from owners of these mixes to see what traits can be found in these dogs who are desperately needing homes. 

The pairing between an American English Coonhound  and a Labrador Retriever isn't all that common, but you may occasionally encounter this mix in a rescue. While it's entertaining to imagine a dog who literally climbs up the tree to retrieve trapped prey, the reality is likely to be a little more prosaic. The unpredictable mix of genes means that this animal might not be the hunting dog you expect, but it could make a fine pet for the active family.

Appearance / health:
All mixed-breed dogs can vary in appearance, and it's a roll of the dice whether you get a dog that looks more like a coonhound, more like a Lab, or more like a blend.

Behavior / temperament:
It's impossible to predict the exact traits inherited by a mixed-breed dog, but at least one owner has reported that his American English Coonhound / Labrador Retriever Mix had the hound's determination to investigate interesting smells. You will have to experiment to see whether or not your dog works out as a hunting animal or just a jogging/hiking companion, but expect your pet to have a ton of energy to share with you.