Akita / Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix

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The basics: 
RightPet does not advocate the intentional cross-breeding of purebred dogs. But the reality is that most dogs available for adoption at shelters and rescues are mixed breeds. We think it might be helpful to hear from owners of these mixes to see what traits can be found in these dogs who are desperately needing homes. 

The pairing between an Akita and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier isn't all that common, but you may occasionally encounter this mix in a rescue. Be aware that not all breeders working with this cross are well-intentioned. Know the breeder or-- if it's in a rescue-- get to know the dog before you decide to take it home.

Appearance / health:
It's impossible to predict the exact traits inherited by a mixed-breed dog, but if the Akita / Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix looks like a so-called pit bull mix to your neighbors, you will need to check your local laws to be sure you are allowed to own the animal in your area.

Behavior / temperament:
While it's impossible to predict the exact personality of a mixed-breed dog, the reality is that this cross is a mix of two breeds originally developed for dogfighting-- a cruel sport now banned in most countries. The Akita / Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix will be large, powerful, and-- thanks to the independent Akita nature-- not necessarily inclined to follow your lead. If you are not an experienced, consistent alpha who can socialize and train large dogs, you should probably back away from this mix.