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The basics:
The Africanis is an umbrella name for all southern Africa native aboriginal dogs. The Africanis is a "landrace" breed, which has developed through natural selection and adaptation to its environment, rather than through selective breeding from humans.

According to The AfriCanis Society, "Because the AfriCanis has for centuries roamed freely in and around rural settlements, it combines attachment to humans with a need for space. Traditionally it is always close to humans, other dogs, livestock and domestic animals. It has a natural tendency to guard and protect livestock." Because of its primitive desire to serve humans, it is said to be willing to shadow its people for hours without a leash.

Appearance / health:
It is not an established breed and thus can vary in appearance, but the Africanis is a mid-sized muscular dog.

Behavior / temperament:
The Africanis is probably found most often as a traditional dog working as a guardian in traditional rural cultures in southern Africa. They are hardy and don't demand spoiling in exchange for serving as alert guardians.


large properties, best watch dog, great running partners


tracker dog, short hair, Africa Origins

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