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Other name(s): Afghan; Affie; Sage Baluchi; Tazhi Spai; De Kochyano Spai; Tazi; Ogar Afgan; Afghanische Windhun

The basics:
The Afghan Hound is an elegant aristocrat that might be easier to manage if you happen to have a staff and a large estate. The American Kennel Club (AKC) points out that this ancient breed was developed to chase a variety of challenging prey-- including jackals, wolves, and snow leopards-- often at high altitude: "Because of the variety of game hunted and the diversity of the geography, the Afghan Hound's most desirable traits were being sure-footed and agile to work the rugged terrain, strength and speed to bring down prey, plus the stamina to maintain a strenuous chase for a sustained length of time."

For the pet owner, that means you'll need to have time, space, and energy to exercise your dog. It also means that the personality is somewhat variable and independent. Some Afghans are standoffish, some are silly and playful, and some may be a little stubborn. The same ability to pick up on quick cues that made them a great member of hunting teams including humans, falcons, and other hounds will also make them somewhat sensitive. You'll need to bring your best dog psychology to train your pet with love and a focus on positive rewards.

And there are a couple of quirks you probably can't train away. This dog may not be able to resist chasing smaller pets, so think carefully before bringing them into the multi-pet home. And, finally, how much time do you have to spend brushing out that beautiful coat?

Appearance / health:
Within the breed there are two styles, one originating from a desert region and one originating from a mountainous region. The main differences between the two types are hair length (longer in the mountain variety and patterned in the desert hound), height (taller in the mountain variety), and build (more muscular in the mountain variety).

General breed characteristics show the dog as tall and thin with a refined head, silky topknot, strong jaws and big feet. Dark almond shaped eyes sparkle from the face, and the ears lie flat to the head. Other distinguishing characteristics include prominent hipbones and a ring at the end of its tail.

The Afghan Hounds’ ears have such long hair that at times it will get in their mouths when they eat. There is a simple cloth device called a “snood” that helps keep their ears in place while eating.

Though the traditional long coat requires daily grooming, the Afghan Hound is actually an average shedder. Brushing the dog’s dry coat can cause fur damage, which can lead to matting. Bathing the Afghan is recommended weekly and air-cushioned brushes or pin brushes are useful for grooming.

This breed needs much exercise, which can be achieved through games, long walks, hikes and runs.

Afghan Hounds have a particularly low pain threshold, meaning that even minor injuries will affect them more that might be expected otherwise. Typical health issues include cataracts and progressive paralytic diseases, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism and other eye issues. They are known to be allergic to the chemicals on flea collars and in applications for flea and tick control.

Behavior / temperament:
With an independent streak and much energy, this dog is a great athlete. Originally bred to run down prey including the gazelle, wolves and snow leopards, they are known to show dominant behavior and thus need a dominant owner. For these reasons and others, this breed is not appropriate for the novice dog owner who may not have time to keep their Afghan appropriately socialized or trained.

Generally the Afghan Hound is considered aloof, dignified, affectionate, sweet and to have a sensitive temperament. They are also described as reserved, lively, noble, courageous, and suspicious of strangers. They are sometimes disobedient if not properly trained and have at times been seen as timid and high strung.

Afghan pups aren’t typically easy to train, but this will depend on your particular dog. They can and will be trained, however it has been known to be challenging. When training any Afghan Hound, patience, gentleness, and a good sense of humor are required.

Afghan Hounds can be noisy - this trait seems to vary from dog to dog.


incredible gold hair, extreme clowns, posh dog, elegant hound, majestic appearance


dysplasia, secured fenced area, good brush, high maintenance breed, constant care, nervousness


luxurious coat, tall breed, truly majestic appearance

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Afghan Hound

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