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Is the Xoloitzcuintli right for you?

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Other name(s): Xolo; Xoloitzcuintle; Mexican Hairless Dog; Perro sin Pelo Mexicano; Chien nu mexicain

The basics:
Believed to be one of the earliest domesticated dog breeds, the Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless Dog) could date back 3,000 years, according to figurines of the Xolo found in tombs of the Toltec, Aztec, Mayan, Zapoteca and Colima Indians. Although many breeds do change over time, it's believed that today's Xolo is virtually the same dog that the Aztecs and Mayans prized millennia ago. Loyal to family and an excellent watchdog, they still demand attention today.

Because this dog is a more primitive breed, it might not be right for the newbie dog owner. You need to be able to provide kind, consistent socialization that doesn't violate a sensitive animal's trust.

Appearance / health:
The Mexican Hairless Dog comes in Toy, Standard and Miniature size varieties. Xolos also come in two coat varieties, the coated and the hairless. The Xolo has a broad skull and black or skin colored nose. It has almond shaped eyes that are dark with large upright bat like ears. Its keen sense of hearing makes it an excellent watchdog.

Both coated and hairless varieties of Xolos do not require much attention by way of grooming. In the hairless variety most skin problems that arise have been found to be due to poor breeding, neglect or the deprivation of natural protection as a result of clogging of pores from over bathing or over lotioning. A well bred hairless Xolo requires bathing and lotion only once or twice a month to keep its skin fine and soft.

The coated Xolo needs to be bathed and brushed daily or at least weekly to keep shedding at bay. Toe nails need to be clipped weekly along with brushing of teeth. The hairless variety is preferred by allergy sufferers, as there is no hair to shed while the coated variety, with regular brushing sheds very little.

The Xolo can be prone to allergies, skin issues (and not necessarily from being a poorly bred dog), ear infections, seizures, luxating patellas, and several eye problems. Skin health in the hairless variety is of some concern and a sweater in very cold climates is necessary. Excessive lotioning and bathing can be avoided. Dark colored and solid colored Xolos have the hardiest skin, spotted and light colors require more care.

Behavior / temperament:
The Xolo needs a great deal of companionship; it does not like being left alone for more than a few hours. Bored Xolos become anxious and destructive as they go about chewing and barking wildly. The Xolo is also sensitive to tension and distress in the house.

Like all "primitive" breeds, Xolos are difficult to housebreak. Consistent training is necessary but sometimes some Xoloitzcuintles never get fully housebroken. Obedience training requires much consistency and patience on the part of the owner of the Xolo.

Xoloitzcuintles can be a nuisance, as they tend to bark at every new sight or sound.


comfort me, intelligent, wonderful companion

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