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The basics:
The American Whippet Club says the modern Whippet was developed by upper-class English dog breeders seeking to create a "Greyhound in miniature." And, indeed, if you think of the Whippet that way, you won't go far wrong in assessing its pet potential. This racy little breed needs to exercise in bursts, but it also knows how to kick back and relax. They are well-regarded as calm, affectionate companions who are also willing to be trained to compete.

Appearance / health:
The Whippet is a lean muscular dog with an athletic built giving the impression of elegance, grace, and strength. The breed is similar in appearance to a Greyhound. The skull is long and lean. The muzzle is long and powerful. The back is broad, firm, and muscular.

The Whippet requires gentle and regular grooming with soft brushes since it has a very fine coat that may damage with rough handling.

Harsh shampoo can be avoided and regular brushing of teeth is necessary.

They require daily physical activity of at least an hour or more. Play sessions, dog sports, running, and walking are some of the possible options for a Whippet owner.

Whippets are generally healthy unlike other breeds that are prone to digestive ailments, ear and skin infections, and allergies. They are, however, prone to digestive upsets if the food they eat is not of good quality.

Behavior / temperament:
Whippets are friendly with visitors and are not prone to snapping. They are not suitable guard dogs owing to their trusting and unsuspicious nature. They can excel both in speed for hunting and strength and stamina at work. They make ideal working or racing dogs.

Whippets are as easy to housebreak. Both sexes make excellent pets but males are sometimes considered to be slightly more loyal and to enjoy repetitive play. Early obedience training and socialization are required to make the Whippet an ideal pet.

The Whippet is generally a quiet dog and does not bark or howl.


great couch warmers, easy maintenance dog, great indoor dog, athletic ability, docile temperament


unfenced area, chase instinct, costly medical attention, neurotic tendencies, extreme separation anxiety


lure coursing, acrobatic turns, astounding acceleration, little grooming, physical coordination

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